A 3 Point Plan To Make Sense of Blogging

If you look through a lot of blogging tips online, you could easily be put off the idea of blogging altogether. Stats, pins, SEO, apps that tweet for you, plugins, rankings, DSLR cameras, self-hosting…it can all be a tad mind-boggling.

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So how do you make sense of it all? Here’s my three point plan to approaching it.

  1. Take a pen and paper.
  2. Sit down and write a couple of points about
    • why you want to blog,
    • what you want to achieve, and
    • how much time you are prepared to spend on it.
  3. Review your list and make your decision.

If your list reveals that you want to record memories, recipes, thoughts, etc. for yourself, your family and friends and whoever else may stumble upon your blog, then the answer is simple. You’ll fit your blog into your lifestyle, taking time when you have it or when the mood is on you to write. Social media won’t necessarily be part of your plan. You needn’t worry about SEOs or statistics and the quality of your photos is up to you.

If, however, your list concludes that you want to make blogging part of your life and possibly part of your income source, then prepare for a lot of work. Blogging for many is a pure joy and doesn’t feel like work at lot of the time. But there is no denying that if you are in it to get places and be noticed, then will need to invest time and money in your blog. To what extent you do that is up to you.

There is no magic equation that says a certain amount of effort and expense will generate a certain amount of income. Nor is there any set time frame between starting a blog and getting work. The blogging world can be fickle and harsh at times. You’ve got to be savvy and on the ball to get places. Or just get lucky. That can happen. But mostly it is hard work and keeping an out for opportunities that has gotten big bloggers where they are today.

So, before you get disheartened with your blog or go off the idea of even starting one, sit down with a pen and paper.




8 thoughts on “A 3 Point Plan To Make Sense of Blogging

  1. I love how you’ve taken things right back to basics with this. If I’d done any real research before I started my blog I may well have been put off doing it, there’s so much to learn and get your head around. But when you put it like this, it takes that stress away, for a new blogger this is really good advice to cut through the noise and work out what you actually want from a blog. x

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  2. Absolutely. I started blogging to record memories and I have to remind myself that the only people’s opinions I really, REALLY mind about are in my family – and I am my own worst critic anyway! Loving the community spirit in the bloggosphere though and that can get a bit addictive! đŸ™‚ Love your blog’s style – thanks for sharing this. x


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