5 Signs You Need A Blog Break and 1 Reason to Take One

It sounds harmless at first. A blog break. No biggie. But then you start to think of it in terms of a realtionship break. The beginning of the end. And you think no, I’ll power through. I’m not quitting. I’m not giving in.

That point right there is where you need to stop over-analysing. Breaks are there for a reason. At school. At work. At seminars. Breaks are there to refresh you. To give you a chance to process the things that have been going on. To give your mind and body a chance to catch up on everything that has been going on around you.

5 Signs You Need A Blog Break

There are signs that you could do with a break. Here are five of them.

  1. You increasingly suffer from writer’s block or blogger’s block as it is often called. You feel you have to write but nothing will come. Or you can’t put your thoughts into words. What used to come freely refuses to.
  2. You  have lost your blogging mojo and wonder what the point in carrying on is. Thoughts like “Why bother?”, “Isn’t it all a load of ranting and mutual ego-boosting anyway?” or “There are millions of blogs out there. Who cares about mine?” surface and hinder your progress.
  3. You miss your family, friends and hobbies because you have devoted all your time to your blog.
  4. You have trouble getting to sleep because your mind is buzzing with blog-related to do lists, post ideas and must-do-better thoughts.
  5. You can’t concentrate, constantly distracted by notifications on your phone, tweets, linkies and lists.

If some or any of these symptoms apply to you, then literally give yourself a break. Even if you’ve read the signs and feel they don’t apply to you, take a break now and again anyway. Be it a day or a week, switch off and recharge.

There’s one good reason to.

It will make you better.


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