Balancing Blogging and Work

What you’ll hear from most bloggers is that they love blogging. Many would like to or already have become professional bloggers, going at it full time with gusto. For a lot of us, that’s not going to happen, but that’s not a reason to give up.

Blogging can be a great hobby. It is an outlet for thoughts, opinions and ideas. It allows us to be as creative as we like. It is a great way to collaborate with companies and bloggers to achieve things we might only have dreamed of before.

But how do we best balance it with work? Finding the time and the inspiration to blog can be tricky, especially when you are tied up with a day job and possibly family commitments too. Here are a few tips to help you find the balance that is right for your lifestyle, your job and your blog.

The Inconspicuous Blog Blog Work Balance.jpg

  1. Forget the blogger guilt. You are allowed to do as wish with your free time. Don’t forget that. Your employer does not own your mind. If you are sitting at a computer outside of office hours, make sure it is your own one and that you are doing something for yourself.
  2. Blogging as a hobby. Ask around at work and within your circle of friends. You’ll find that outside of work people have all sorts of time comsuming hobbies they throw themselves into in any free time they have. From rock climbing to motorbiking, tennis to running to  walking the dog, other people have no problem taking time to enjoy their hobby, so you shouldn’t either. If you have trouble finding the time for your hobby, ask your colleagues how they manage their time.
  3. Mobile blogging. Try out blogging on your phone or sending yourself an e-mail with a draft post when you have an idea. It only takes few moments and can be done on your commute (as long as you are not driving!), in your tea break or at lunch.
  4. Social Media. Let’s be realistic. Most people will check their social media accounts on their phone while officially at work. When you are grabbing a coffee or waiting for a meeting to begin, why not check in with your favourite sites and bloggers, send out a bit of blogger love and maybe even link up a post of your own, be it old or new.
  5.  Avoid getting overwhelmed. An important one, this. See numer 1 & 2 – blogger guilt & blogging as a hobby. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get a certain number of posts out or link up to more linkies than you can handle. You are entitled to not work AND not blog. There are other things in life, even if we bloggers don’t like to admit to it. If you are at a loss as to what to do with your time but can’t face more screen time, check out this list of ideas.



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