Making Blogger Friends

The world of online friendships is not one I ever thought I would enter. I’m kind of of that old school mindset that thinks meeting people online is slightly dodgy. More and more though I am coming round to it. For me, its all in how you go about it.

Through the last few years of blogging I have made several friends. I’ve met up wth some of them and have plans to meet others when the opportunity arises. I’m involved in a few little online communities and really enjoy the virtual meetups in the form of joining linkies or Twitter chats.

Making friends through blogging is not something I set out to do or felt the need to pursue. It is certainly not a must. You can be happy blogging away without any onlone friends.

But as in real life, friends can happen upon you. You exchange a few words, something clicks and you end up as friends without much effort or plan. That, I find, is the key to blogger friendships. You have to let it happen as it happens.


Here are my dos and don’ts of making blogger friends.


  • Engage on social media and with comments on blog posts to get to know people
  • Share posts, retweet and support others online, just as you do with your real life friends
  • Be consistent. If you are regularly in contact with someone, don’t just abandon them. If you can’t make it to their linky or join in a chat, let them know what you are away.
  • Drop a line to say hi. Like I said above, just like you do with other friends
  • Tag a friend in a #widn (what I’m doing now) Instgram 
  • Be sincere in all you do


  • Hound people. No one likes clingyness. If you have been in touch with another blogger, give them a chance to reply to you in their own time.
  • Flatter people for flattery’s sake.
  • Name drop
  • Put up a  false front. Be yourself, maybe a tad more confident, but yourself nonetheless

That is really all it takes.




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